Scorpio Vol. 1


A secret war has been raging on earth for centuries. Man and otherworldly beings fight over the possession of 12 magical relics empowered by the Zodiac.

Daniel Shim is a 26-year-old Millionaire. He is an innovator and a pragmatist. To him, astrology, spirituality, and the supernatural are for children and the weak minded. But the relic hidden in a dark lockbox says otherwise. What happens when he doesn’t answer his legacy? What happens when that legacy doesn’t take no for an answer? This is the complete first volume of Scorpio featuring issues #1-3 in an 80-page graphic novel!

Writer: John Robinson IV
Line Artist: Cezar Oliveira & Marco Zuffranieri
Color Artist: Viviana Spinelli
Cover Artist: Marco Zuffranieri


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