“After he’s attacked by a host of deadly assassins, an ambitious millionaire is drafted into a secret war that’s being fought over 12 mystical relics.”

The Book

The Story.

Scorpio is a diverse mystical urban fantasy comic about the Zodiac, and 12 mystical relics that are affixed to each of the 12 signs, and grants the wielders of those weapons powerful abilities.

The story revolves around Danny Shim, a Chinese-American mid-20’s millionaire Scorpio whose family legacy traditionally ties him to the him the Scorpio relic. However, in a the pursuit of fortune and some semblance of success in a “normal” life, Danny ignores the call to be the weapon’s next herald.

Unfortunately for him, destiny doesn’t take too kindly to being ignored, and Danny quickly finds himself caught in the middle of a secret war that’s been raging since the beginning of time. He meets other heralds (relic wielders) such as Shakti Rai,  Herald of Libra, and Bonnie Bourdeaux, Herald of Capricorn, and learns why it is so important that he joins this fight.

Our team.

Scorpio was born when writer and creator John Robinson IV had a look up at the stars and daydreamed about what kind of power it can hold. It is produced by an incredibly talented and impassioned creative team.
John Robinson IV

Creator & Writer

Marco Zuffranieri

Line Artist

Viviana Spinelli

Color Artist

Andrea Smith


The Inspiration.

Scorpio was created with the intent of exploring a realm of fantasy that exists at least partially on our own plane of existence. That element being of course, astrology.

On a daily basis, millions around the world check their horoscopes, some out of curiosity, others with a profound faith in the stars. For millennia, even back to the days of the Lascaux or even Old Sumeria, we’ve sculpted out shapes of animals in the stars and called them the Zodiac.

It was that wonder entertained the notion that those stars held some kind of power unknown to us. And thus was birthed the idea of Scorpio- a comic that explores the amalgam of personality structures, while implementing the vast diversity of all people in goal to create a story that tackles the unknown. 

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See what people have to say about the book.
“Scorpio is a diverse, action-packed comic that captures emotions as efficiently as it hooks readers.”
Anairis Q.

“Issue #1 is fantastic—interesting, layered characters and nice colors. Can’t wait to see how it develops.”

Joe F.

“Scorpio is a great concept with great art and characters, Perfect introduction for new comic fans and veterans, that implements diverse culture, people of color and martial arts.”

Carolyn H.
“Reading Scorpio is absolutely great. Love the diversity. A comic, that keeps you on your feet filled with action. I loved it and everyone should defiinitely get a copy “
Dounia D.

“Scorpio is the next epic you’ve been waiting for.”

Nineka W.

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